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It's been as miserable a day as you could imagine. I'm about to set up the greenhouse, first thing I've done is gathered all the gear together, put it in a pile to see if I can insert a picture from the insert image feature of the wordpress app. I am using the WordPress app on my cellphone to voice input this page.


The plan is to tie up the greenhouse frame a little better with some fishing line that I have.  After that I will put the cover on, then I'll carry it out and set it up. Earlier I went looked at the site in the garden.  It's not really the best site but its what I have and maybe next year I'll try to arrange things differently. Back in the corner formed by the pavers is where it will go.


First I'm going to lash up.  This is about the fifth year of use. It is very flimsey,  so I try to tie it together


Here I am with using the selfie stick together picture of me putting the cover on the green house in the rain and yes that's snow on the side.



Turned out its done well.  I got the insulation in, got the site up, and got it stayed up three different places. Reember this surrrived hurricane sandy a few years ago. It was all stayed up like this. Let me go I finish up.  Still needs the the ballast and heatsink plastic bottles. That'll be it put there tomorrow.


Yes that is a large Queen of Hearts. That's a poster board from the Sarah's middle school years ago.  It happens to be made out of styrofoam so I'm using it to insulate the north side of the greenhouse.

This entire webpage has been done so far using the voice feature of the WordPress app and taking pictures and inserting them in the Add Media function.

Okay, I will admit to a last editing pass on the desktop.


Now that I am retired, I am spending more time gardening, rainy days on the web.  Perhaps I started too early this year.

On 3/16 I started Corno Roso peppers, Pomodor Marzano Plum Toms, Beef Steak Toms, Lettuce, Eggplant, Hungarian, Bell and Anaheim peppers, Cabbage, Cauliflower and Marigolds in trays in the greenhouse. The next week was cold and dark. No luck, I reseeded again on 4/3, too soon to say now.  The other day, 4/6, another three trays.  Cucumber, Cantaloupe, Peppers, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Marigolds and a bunch of Fennel.  I like Fennel.

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