Sunny Cornucopia

a Sunny Cornucopia and a gift Lavender plant
a Sunny Cornucopia and a gift Lavender plant

New harvests in this last week or so have been plum tomatoes (squirrels like them), pole beans are just starting, cucumbers slowing down, and the firsts of the winter squash.

The last few weeks have been busy, Dental Surgery, recovery, Battle with the Baby Bunnies, weed whacking the garden paths, and a family reunion have come before blogging about Fran's Victory Garden. Just now the garden is bountifully producing, We have fresh garden veggies in many dishes, healthy for us.  We are also giving produce to family when they visit.  Come to our house and leave the car unlocked and you will find a zucchini in it when you leave.

This is the second year for Pole Bean, just learning how to grow them, at the beginning their main season. First year for Winter Squash, a following article for experiences of growing it, haven't eaten it yet.

Recently sowed Snow Pea and Beet Seeds, sprouting now, so many beet sprouts I will have to thin later.

Soon will be Edamame, I should have planted more, and Cantaloupe. I planted the 'lopes are pushy neighbors even next to cucumbers.

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