Still Harvesting Radishes

Still harvesting radishes.  I didn't plant many, it is easy to have too many radishes.  They're fun to grow, they grow so fast and the harvest continues while planting and transplanting the rest of the garden. We eat them in our salads and give them away. My Mother in-law and the neighbor lady with whom I talk gardening with's husband likes them too.  They are planted where the snow peas will shade them soon, so the space gets used twice.

All the planting and transplanting is complete. The last seeds went into the ground yesterday, winter squash, I hope not too early/late, this is the first year for them.  When I harvest the beets, I will plant them there also, probably about the Fourth of July.  I haven't pulled down the greenhouse yet, may have to replace some failed transplants.

I weed whacked the weeds between the garden path pavers, not that much work and makes everything look nice. Some fencing needs to be replaced, I use chicken wire to keep out the bunnies, we haven't had deer yet but I've seen them not far away. There was a bear caught a few miles away, I hope I am not drawing them with the brambles, just kidding. Another big task is relaying the path pavers, a big job, will look nice when done, but, a big job.

The squirrels ate the strawberries. What can I do to get rid of them? My neighborhood is too dense for an air rifle even if it were legal. Can I introduce an animal that eats squirrels? Leopards, wild cats, eagles, boa constrictors? Can I trap them and eat them? I hear they are good eating but hard to skin. A problem.

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