Spring Garden Prepping II

No time for blogging, too busy gardening. The plot cultivating tasks were:

  • Leveling out the high spots and moving around dirt
  • Straightening plot borders
  • Raking off winter's weeds
  • Spreading composted manure
  • Tilling with my Nuclear Powered Tiller
  • Surveying the planting spots for the trays of transplants
  • Excavating and conditioning with potting soil the transplant sites
  • Transplanting the seedlings
  • Watering
  • Thinning
  • Sowing second spring seeds

All the first transplanting and seed sowing (not the late spring planting) were complete on April 26th.

Starter Tray w/ thermometer
Starter Tray w/ thermometer

We had our last frost April 24th, three days after the average last frost, still, the last frost is May 15th. It was not a hard frost, froze over the birdbath but no harm done in the greenhouse. The greenhouse's bottom shelf is full of bottles of water to hold the heat in times like this.

Everything went together like it was planned. Well, my new GrowVeg.com Garden Planner helped out a lot, still learning the tricks, it is very rich in features. It is classic, I wish I had bought it months earlier.

Online Garden Planning Tool

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