Save the Cabbages

Each year is a battle with the cabbage worm and butterfly. It is enough that I have thought at times to give up on cabbages and caulis.  This year I am fighting back with the Tierra Garden 50-5030 Haxnicks Easy Micromesh Tunnel, Giant. I have the package here open, looks simple enough.  Comes in a nice reusable bag for winter storage.  It is funny tho, where tunnels are being discussed no one says when to deploy the tunnel. Well I choose today, May 22 is the proper day to set up the tunnel, right after weeding.


That went easy, just pull out of the bag, stretch it out and stick it in the ground. It would extend twice as far as I have stretched it out, next year I will change the plan to best utilize the capabilities of the tunnel.

Here is Fran & I on Vacation.


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