Picked first Cauli, pruned Figs

Picked first Cauli. Picked zuccs, cuccs and peas.  Tomatoes, beans, and edamame (soy beans) should be soon.  Fran is cooking this all up, w/ bbq salmon, boy are we eating fresh and healthy.

I pruned the fig tree today. Should I say I "dry plumed" since it is not PC anymore to say "Prune"?  I read somewhere that the last bit of new growth should be removed mid July so that the tree's resources go to fruit.  I quite like the fig tree, I have nearly killed it several times and it flourishes anyway.

I have put off posting because trying to add pics.  The several extra steps are just enough to cause me to postpone.  So, I will either at pics or have occasional pic rich posts.

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