Orchids That Look Like Birds

Orchids That Look Like Birds

Bird Head OrchidOrchids have the amazing ability to produce flowers that look like creatures in their habitat.  They use this technique to attract pollinators and to blend into the surroundings.  You can find Orchids that look like monkeys, donkeys, egrets, doves, bees, and flies.  With over 20,000 recognized Orchid species, you can find an Orchid that resembles just about anything.

Each one of these Orchids are native to different areas and are very specific to what they require.  There are Orchids living on every continent, in almost every climate you can think of.  They each have specific requirements from temperature and light, to humidity and elevation.

The following four unique Orchids are popular because they look like birds.  There are others like them, but these are the best examples. 

Flying Duck Orchid

This Orchids is native to Australia in areas with high humidity, especially on the coast.  They produce flowers that look like a duck flying in the air.  They typically grow 2-4 flowers at a time on long green spikes.

The unique shape of this flower attracts insects to come investigate and pollinate the flower.  They are very small and not very noticeable in the wild if you are not looking for them.

Dove Orchids

Dove Orchids produce a puff-shaped flower with a small dove shape in the middle.  At first sight, many believe that the dove is a hand carved bird placed in the flower for looks.  The beauty is the demise of this flower, as they are highly poached and sold for large sums on the black market.  This Orchid is extremely endangered and is protected under endangerment laws.

These Orchids are native to Central America since they thrive in the high heat and humidity.  Currently the national flower of the Republic of Panama, this Orchid produces 4-12 flowers per plant on long spikes.

White Egret Orchid

This is one of the most iconic Orchids in the world, and is also one of the most endangered for that reason.  These Orchids produce gorgeous white flowers that look like egrets in flight.  Each Orchid produces 1-8 flowers that can grow to be more than an inch wide.

Native to Southeast Asia, this Orchid is one of the only Orchids that enjoys full sun.  They need high moisture levels and thrive in bog-like conditions.  These Orchids are also extremely easy to propagate.

Bird Head Orchids

These Orchids are also referred to as “Moth Orchids” and are the most common Orchid species on the planet.  The center of the flower, if you zoom in, looks like the head of a bird trying to poke its way out.  Some scientists believe this this is a way to scare off certain insects when they try to eat the nectar located just below.

This Orchid species can be found just about anywhere you look, from grocery stores to Orchid stores alike.  They are one of the easiest Orchids to care for because they thrive in the same conditions that humans enjoy.


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