Mending the Fence

Starting to fix the fence. Last year the fence was not tight enough, that is how the bunnies got in to the garden, it was a disaster, destroyed the Beet crop.

Big plans this year, I have got a bolt cutter and I am cutting up the broken cone shaped tomato support cages and using them it is raw material to make fence stakes to reinforce the fence.  Previous years I just used the sticks from the bushes to strengthen the fence line but sticks wind up rotting in about a year.

The Tools of Fence Mending. Also support cages to be cut up into fence stakes.
The Tools of Fence Mending. Also suport cages to be cut up into fence stakes.

Update: The thought was that it will only take a few hours has proved wrong, maybe as much as six hours.


the Artisanal Triple Hooked Fence Stake
the Artisanal Triple Hooked Fence Stake

Update(2): Yes, took 3.5 hours more of bending, scrunching, kneeling and sitting on the ground to work on the foot of the fence. Also cut up several more support cages, all had broken bits but one. The cutting up the cages is just a few snips for the bolt cutters. I then bent the cut T or Cross shaped scraps with pliers into two or three hooks spread about for the resulting fence stakes. This Hand Crafted, Artisanal Tiple Hooked Fence Stake™ works well with chicken wire fencing.

The actual mending of the fence is the replacing the sticks with the 3 hooked stake twice between each fence post. Now, the foot of the fence can't just be "nosed" under by an Evil Bunny.

I would like to think I have gone all Roman with the fence, but, Bunnies.

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