Let the Gardening Begin

I have been thinking about the coming gardening season. We got 8.5 inches of snow yesterday, March 5th, so it seems time to get started. Last year I started the seeds in starter trays in the greenhouse on March 17th, two inches of snow that day.

This year I will use the technique espoused by Mel Bartholomew in his Square Foot Gardening book on page 163 in a blurb titled "Presprouting Beats the Season".  Basicly, seeds are placed on a piece of filter paper, dampened, protected in a plastic bag until the root sprouts.  The successful sprouts are then placed in a starting tray. More about the trays as it happens.


Here are the seeds I am starting 3/6:

  1. Botanical Interests Red Siberian Pole Tomato. This is a cold tolerant early starting variety.
  2. Botanical Interests Black Beauty Eggplants. Fran & I like eggplants.
  3. Franchi Pomodoro S. Marzano plum tomatos, last year's seeds.
  4. Franchi Peperone Corno Rosso. These are long thick walled sweet peppers. Last year's seeds.
  5. Burpee Cauliflower. I have bad luck w/ cauliflower, but I love it. Last year's seeds.
  6. Burpee Cabbage. This a two year old seed pack, s/b still good.
  7. Burpee Pepper, Sweet California Wonder. Gotta grow some bell peppers.
  8. Sweet Banana Pepper
seeds in wet filter paper
seeds in wet filter paper

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