Good Year for Raspberries

A Bunch of Raspberries
A Bunch of Raspberries

Been picking Raspberries for days now. Today there were so many from the three year old plant I am thinking I will be overwhelmed when all four plants are mature. Fran is going to make a Raspberry Peach pie.  Stay tuned for pictures and the recipe.

The previous two years I bought ladybugs to deal with aphids, no aphids this year, so far.

Did a lot of weeding these last several weeks, I will try cloth mulch, wish me luck. The cabbage tunnels appear to be working. Gonna do more weeding later today in 90+ degree heat.

Beets are coming up fine this year, another couple weeks, no bunnies this year. The first planting of Snow Peas only grew a foot or so, odd, the second planting is doing fine. Only about 10% of the Edamame germinated, reseeded a week ago, some success. The Zuccs are doing great, will pick the first in a few days. The Pole Beans are doing great, wish I liked beans more.

Spent some time with the garden planner software, all the plants are identified, planters, tunnels and notes added. I have to spend some time dressing it up, trouble coloring inside the lines. I have some ideas for user fields, properties, and processes, more later.

Learned something new on the cruise, how to dry tomatoes on a barbeque. I probably made most of the mistakes on the first go, turned out excellent anyway.  I like things that work easily. The batch I did are also smoked, I had to throw some wet wood chips on to lower the charcoal temperature. Again, I like to focus on things that work easy, next year many more tomatoes to dry.

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