Gardening Around Real Life

Gardening around real life. The gardening books presume that you are doing nothing else but gardening, in real life, there are vacations, business trips, etc and gardening is done around these events. What follows is a trip right in the middle of Spring Seed Starting.

4/3, Okay, got back from Vegas and 90% of the seedlings survived in the greenhouse. The weather was gray and cool so the seedlings did not overheat or dry out. I will put germinated seeds in a starter tray for the seedlings that look iffy.

3/27, This will be published after returning from a short trip to Vegas.  We are traveling for five days and are leaving the starter trays at a tricky moment. The green house is up and there is not forecast any hot days, so the seedlings may survive only getting watered before leaving. The coldest bit of the forecast is the morning of leaving, I will bring the seedlings out to the greenhouse at the worst time.

So the response to this constraint is to start germinating a whole new set of seeds to eliminate the germinating time from the critical of having seedlings safely in the ground.

On Monday March 23rd I set more seeds to germinate these are the ones that took longer, the were marked with a 'b':

Today, March 28th I will start the quick germinating seeds also marked 'b':

Also starting some:

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