First Year for Winter Squash

the Winter Squash from a ladder on the deck
the Winter Squash from a ladder on the deck
the Winter Squash from outside the fence


This is our first year for Winter Squash, a fun to grow plant for the Victory Garden. It grows aggressively and produces a lot. It would like a garden much larger than Fran's Victory Garden. It is not easy to tell from the pics, but, the plant has grown about five feet or more in every direction from the spot it was planted. On the paths, I turn the runners back toward the plot.  Where it stays on the plot, it has overrun the Cabbages, Cauliflower and is threatening the peppers.

We haven't cooked with them yet, but I hear that they make a better pie than pumpkin.  Here are some other Butternut Squash Recipes.

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