First Raspberries & Ladybugs

Ladybugs having breakfast. Raspberries for us.

First Raspberries this year, wow are they good fresh. Released ladybugs, cool!

Last week I was looking at the raspberry bushes, saw the raspberries were developing well and were plentiful. On closer inspection, I saw the stems had aphids on them, Drat! The bushes also had ladybugs on them, good, ladybugs eat aphids. Last year I bought ladybugs for the garden, and thought these might be descendants. I decided to get the odds more in my favor for the raspberry harvest so I bought more Live Ladybugs from Hirt's Gardens. I should write a review, it is an endorsement buying the same thing again from the same place. It is also neat getting bugs in the mail and keeping them in the fridge until using them.

More Ladybugs


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