First Fennel & Artichoke

Fennel, Artichoke & Pineapple on the grill
Fennel, Artichoke & Pineapple on the grill

First Fennel & Artichoke this year shown on the grill in this pic with some pineapple. The first pepper last week went to the omelet too quick to get a pic.

I think a chipmunk has been eating the cabbage. The cabbage was big, but I got greedy and wanted to let it get bigger while we went away for a weekend at the Black Sheep Inn in the Finger Lakes to go to the Watkins Glen Wine Fest. We got home and the head of cabbage was destroyed and I saw a little fat rodent scurrying in the garden. Not a rat, too big for a mouse or vole, brown so not a baby rabbit. Damn! It has been eating the beets also, double Damn! Oh well, I'll leave the damaged cabbage for it to eat so it leaves the fennel alone, I hope.

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