First Beets this Year

First Beets this year, grilled Romaine Lettuce, sauteed Snow Peas and grilled Salmon.  The salmon was farm raised, but not in Fran's Victory Garden. These veggies will be the staples for the next several weeks, the meats will vary.

I increased the garden acreage by about 50%, and even tho retired, the weeding has been daunting. It is not fun to do a good job at something and then a week later see it needs to be done again. Although I believe in "Green Mulch", the crowding out of weeds with the close packed veggies, manual weeding is required until the veggies become dominate.  I use a hoe (remember when a hoe was just a hoe?) but I am clumsy and occasionally whack one of the desired plants.  So, I am back to using plant mulch as I did in the first years of the garden. A neighbor down the street arranged for the township to deliver a load of leaf mulch composted from the leaf collection in the Autumn. Luckily, I was there when they delivered, I almost got a dump truck load in the driveway. Fran would not have been happy! Instead, I got a quarter of the load which is PLENTY! It will take days to spread it. Want to lose some weight? Shovel mulch for four hours in the ninety degree June sun.


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