Double the Garden

I have been iffy on whether or not to enlarge the garden. I could finish the hardscape I started years ago, or, take over more of the back yard. Yes, playing with bricks in the dirt is always great fun, but, I saw this article, Western drought spells killer grocery bills.  Since I am a closet prepper there is no choice.  Start planning.

First I need a  Gardman R700SC Replacement Cover For 5 Tier Growhouse for my green house.  It was a mistake to try to use it thru the winter.

Next, I will figure out how much hardscape and fence to surround the new "fields".  I was going to launch into praise for the store where I shop and get delivery for these supplies, but, they declined my affiliation request.  Oh well, I still get 5% off for using my store card.

Anyway, I will buy another Raspberry bush, and a Blackberry bush, I love berries.  I will have to learn to prune them.  Also going to get some sort of planter for growing strawberries on the deck inaddition to trying a Topsy Turvy Strawberry Planter.  It worked well for cherry tomatoes. Strawberries are such weeds, they will try to take over the garden, that is why I am looking at planters.

The perennials, rhubarb and fennel, I keep putting these off because they are usually next season and the garden is so small I can't decide what space to dedicate to them.  Well, with doubling the "acreage" I have space, and the rhubarb goes with the berries.

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