Conde Olivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Conde Olivar Gourmet is a brand committed to the quality of their Extra Virgin Olive Oils, but also to design and image. Our brand strives to become a reference in innovation and development of an elegant top quality product.

The bottle is therefore paramount to us. EVOO itself is a product of outstanding quality, since ancient times it has been called liquid gold. We have wanted to house our EVOO in a black and gold bottle: black because it is synonymous with elegance but especially because it protects our oil from light, thus retaining its qualities intact longer and gold because it mirrors the product inside.

Conde Olivar Gourmet aims at cherishing both the bottle and the case, that is why we present an impeccable product down to the smallest details. The Baroque is our inspiration, and our slogan, Our heart and soul. The bottle cannot be separated from the product, because the product is actually a whole. If Conde Olivar is an extraordinary oil, its bottle cannot be anyless.

QUALITY AND ELEGANCE. A custom design.

"Conde Olivar is a brand represented by top quality products for the gourmet sector and targeted at the international market. We have therefore worked on a design combining refinement, elegance, tradition and contemporaneity, soaked in the Spanish culture in order for the place of origin of such products to stand out.

As we explored the conceptual line for the product and evoking the imaginary character who would bear such name, Conde Olivar, we decided to base our work on the Spanish Baroque of the 17th century, in the Court of Philip IV , in homage to his royal favorite Count Duke of Olivares.

Back then those gallant figures were painted on their horses in splendid armor, predominantly in black embossed in gold.

These concepts were an important source of inspiration for us and we have interpreted them to create the bottle's silkscreen print and image. Additionally and in order to highlight the gold of the Baroque, we have crowned the bottle with a golden ribbon representing a fresher Baroque contrasting with the bottle's sobriety and adding light and elegance to the result."


Conde Olivar Gourmet is a cutting-edge project in the food industry and among delicatessen or gourmet products. This project's driver and keystone is our team, made up of entrepreneurial people with a restless and innovative spirit coming from differentbusiness areas. This allows us to contribute to the project with our different life experiences and with the best of ourselves to reach a common goal: work to ensure that Spain's extra virgin olive oil, as wonderful as it is unknown, achieves recognition all over the world and thus share the sheer enjoyment brought by this culinary treasure.

Fully confident in our oil and in the possibility of realizing this dream, we have got down to work to create a very high quality product with an attractive design: EVOO Conde Olivar Gourmet.

Our Vision is to share with the world the exhilarating experience of tasting top quality products with a presentation conveying care, elegance and beauty and making us feel the true protagonists of Gastronomy.

According to this vision, which is clear and solid, we have the vocation and the commitment to our customers, who are the focus of our whole business. Additionally, we pay particular attention to our market distribution, thus trusting distributors in different countries who allow our customers to access the quality products they demand at the best gourmet shops and at our online shop, in which we have been working tirelessly, as we fully believe in the advantages and proximity to our customers that only ecommerce can offer.

Conde Olivar

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