Ladybugs having breakfast. Raspberries for us.

First Raspberries this year, wow are they good fresh. Released ladybugs, cool!

Last week I was looking at the raspberry bushes, saw the raspberries were developing well and were plentiful. On closer inspection, I saw the stems had aphids on them, Drat! The bushes also had ladybugs on them, good, ladybugs eat aphids. Last year I bought ladybugs for the garden, and thought these might be descendants. I decided to get the odds more in my favor for the raspberry harvest so I bought more Live Ladybugs from Hirt's Gardens. I should write a review, it is an endorsement buying the same thing again from the same place. It is also neat getting bugs in the mail and keeping them in the fridge until using them. ...continue reading


First Beets this year, grilled Romaine Lettuce, sauteed Snow Peas and grilled Salmon.  The salmon was farm raised, but not in Fran's Victory Garden. These veggies will be the staples for the next several weeks, the meats will vary. ...continue reading


Picked the first Peas, a few days early, but we have company. Picked lettuce leaves, not ready to take heads yet.  The Peas were started in the ground, the lettuce in the greenhouse. It will be another few weeks for the beets.  Everything else is doing fine.  The whole garden is in, now just needs watering in the dry stretches. ...continue reading


Dead Fig Tree with Garden background
Dead Fig Tree with Garden background

Bad News, the Fig tree died from Global UnWarming. Good News, new sprouts from the roots. The first few years I wrapped the tree like the local Italians do, the last several years, I didn't.  This past winter was the worst since 1994, the "Winter From Hell". I was sad. A neighbor wrapped her Fig tree this winter and the same happened to her's.  It was not until I looked at her figs that I saw the sprouts at the roots, went back to the site of my sadness, and sure enough, spouts at the roots.  Oh, the Joy! Probably not many figs this year tho, and as the winters grow colder with Global UnWarming, I will have to replace the Fig Tree. Kiwi Fruit? ...continue reading


Still harvesting radishes.  I didn't plant many, it is easy to have too many radishes.  They're fun to grow, they grow so fast and the harvest continues while planting and transplanting the rest of the garden. We eat them in our salads and give them away. My Mother in-law and the neighbor lady with whom I talk gardening with's husband likes them too.  They are planted where the snow peas will shade them soon, so the space gets used twice. ...continue reading


1st Harvest this year, Radishes. Transplanted Bell, Hungarian, Corno Rosso, Banana and Anaheim peppers. Also transplanted cabbage, cauliflower, eggplants, cucumbers and cantaloupes. Next I will transplant the fennel, thin the beets and plant the edamame, pole beans and winter squash. The squash may be a bit early, but with the growing season getting shorter here at the dawn of a new Ice Age have to start early. This last bit of planting will complete the spring planting. ...continue reading


Just bought a Nuclear Powered Tiller, the Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8-1/2 Amp Electric Tiller/Cultivator. The Limerick Nuclear Plant, about 25 miles from the garden, motivates electrons thru wires connecting to the Tiller. No gasoline, no internal combustion, no CO2. It is the 21st Century after all. ...continue reading