Fran's Victory Garden is evaluating Web Based Garden Planning Packages. I have started out Binging & Googleing "web based vegetable garden planner", learned right away to specify "vegetable ". With the responding wealth in websites I realized I might have a difficult time, there were a good number of planning packages. Where to start? By adding "reviews" to the query resulted with a starting point to enumerating the features of each package. As I read the Review websites, I will add to the following Features list. Later when I visit the sites, I will create a grid of Features.


  1. Web based. - required
  2. Vegetable focused. - required
  3. Shareable. - required
  4. Odd shaped plots. +
  5. App available.
  6. Succession Planting.
  7. Track Varieties.
  8. Garden Journal or Log.
  9. Ease of use.
  10. Help and Tutorials.
  11. Free Trial.
  12. Annual Fee
  13. Membership roles.
  14. Affiliate program.

The list of Review Websites is where I'll start familiarizing myself with the possibilities. I will work thru the list alphabeticly foot noting which web based sites are are being reviewed. When all the data is collected, I will look at each of the sites in desending order of number of time reviewed.

Review webpages:

  1. TreeHugger's "7 High-Tech Online Gardening Tools to Plan the Perfect Garden". reviews 1,2,3
  2. Dave's Garden. reviews 3
  3. Small Footprint Family. reviews 1,2,3
  4. Top Ten Reviews' Vegetable Garden Software Review. reviews 3,1

Web Based Garden Planning packages:

  1. reviewed by 1,3,4
  2. Gardener's Supply reviewed by 1,3
  3. reviewed by 1,2,3,4

The next step is comparison shopping.