Bad News, Good News

Dead Fig Tree with Garden background
Dead Fig Tree with Garden background

Bad News, the Fig tree died from Global UnWarming. Good News, new sprouts from the roots. The first few years I wrapped the tree like the local Italians do, the last several years, I didn't.  This past winter was the worst since 1994, the "Winter From Hell". I was sad. A neighbor wrapped her Fig tree this winter and the same happened to her's.  It was not until I looked at her figs that I saw the sprouts at the roots, went back to the site of my sadness, and sure enough, spouts at the roots.  Oh, the Joy! Probably not many figs this year tho, and as the winters grow colder with Global UnWarming, I will have to replace the Fig Tree. Kiwi Fruit?

Lettuce is starting now, the Snap Peas will start in days, the Radishes are finished, Beets later this month.

There is continuing maintenance to be done, weeding, watering, and thinning the original seedlings. There are some biggish jobs ahead, replacing some of the Bunny Proof Fence, stowing the greenhouse until next year and relaying the pavers. I am at an age were I count moving around as exercise.

The next rainy spell has me power washing the deck and the house, not quite gardening but higher in the queue than the other rainy day garden work of moving this website to another server.



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