About Fran’s Victory Garden

Fran's Victory Garden is a Website and Blog that follows my gardening and website building.

I gave this garden to Fran for Mothers day in 2006.  In fits and starts it has grown to take over half the back yard.  At first it was just “The Garden”.  Then, being ironical about the tiny size of it, I called it “The Plantation”, “The Ponderosa”, the economic upheaval beginning in 2008 prompted a new name.  I renamed the garden yet again to “Fran’s Victory Garden” in honor and imitation of the “Can Do” spirit of the “Greatest Generation” who lived thru depression and war.  Hey, what are we whining about?

There are several motivations for creating Fran's Victory Garden beside the obvious of garden fresh veggies.  Let's see, there is saving money.  Well that hasn't happened yet, each year I buy compost, mulch, seeds, garden tools, etc.  This year I'll buy a greenhouse.  Since seeds are good for several years, I could have a full garden and buy nothing.

Other reasons are only distantly related.  I am in my sixties and there is nothing better at my age than light physical outdoor labor, think the end of "The Godfather" movie.  Another is I am a bit of a closet "Prepper" and I want to know how to garden when the "S.H.T.F." in the United States.  And lastly, is learning Joomla, an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) used to build websites, my retirement contracting speciality.  Need a website, contact me.

Update 10/18/13: Joomla has been dropped and the website is now WordPress.