Monthly Archives: March 2016


This is the second year planning Fran's Victory Garden with the GrowVeg Garden Planner.

The big change is the large plot by the deck will be filled with trellises diagonally situated so they face south. The garden is located on a squarish piece of land where the corners of the square point toward the points of the compass. With the trellises diagonal to the square they will be facing straight south. In the past, the trellises would be at an angle to the sun and the phototropic nature of plants would pull the plants to the southern corner.

Also, this year the cabbages and cauliflowers are going in tunnels right from the get-go. Yeah, lets beat those cabbage worms.

Another big improvement this year is edging for the plots, in the past the dirt had a way of migrating onto the pavers, dirty.


Today March 2nd, I put some late starting seedlings into the starter tray, they are:

  • Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers (1)
  • Burpee Sweet Bell Peppers (4)
  • Eggplants (5)
  • Pole Tomatoes (10)

I also set out a second batch of seeds to germinating, they are:

  • Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers (1a)
  • Peperone Corno Rosso (2a)
  • Sweet Banana Peppers (3a)
  • Burpee Sweet Bell Peppers (4a)
  • Eggplants (5a)
  • Cauliflower (7a)
  • Cukes (9a)
  • Pole Tomatoes (10a)

The first batch of germinating seeds were perhaps too wet and the temperature was kept at about 70 degrees F. The second batch is just damp and the temperature is being kept a little above 80. The method of maintaining the temperature is set the plate of seeds on the cable box.