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Each year is a battle with the cabbage worm and butterfly. It is enough that I have thought at times to give up on cabbages and caulis.  This year I am fighting back with the Tierra Garden 50-5030 Haxnicks Easy Micromesh Tunnel, Giant. I have the package here open, looks simple enough.  Comes in a nice reusable bag for winter storage.  It is funny tho, where tunnels are being discussed no one says when to deploy the tunnel. Well I choose today, May 22 is the proper day to set up the tunnel, right after weeding.


That went easy, just pull out of the bag, stretch it out and stick it in the ground. It would extend twice as far as I have stretched it out, next year I will change the plan to best utilize the capabilities of the tunnel.

Here is Fran & I on Vacation.



Six Foot Tall Rhubarb
Six Foot Tall Rhubarb

Fran & I have just come back from a cruise with a couple days on each end, we were gone for almost two weeks. I won't announce a vacation in advance on the web, but maybe it was obvious from my hurried preparations to be able to leave on April 30th. Well, we returned late on May 13th, and looking at the garden I could see most everything lived. One or two of the last minute transplants failed, but as many as were done, pretty damn good! The Asparagus went to fern and the Rhubarb exploded into six foot tall flowers. Awesome to see, but, deleterious to the Rhubarb yield.

There was no rain in the forecast when we left so I soaked everything and used water filled inverted wine bottles stuck into the ground next to the plants, worked well.  I will be investigating irrigation.

You can't expect to have a two week vacation in prime gardening season with no problems. The garden tasks were stacked up before blogging in the TTD queue.

  • Planting late season pole bean and edamame seeds on May 15th.
  • Thin the seedlings.
  • Transplanting from the to be thinned to the died spots.
  • Watering. I heard we had no rain while we were gone, so my prepreations and the Holy Statue in the Raspberry patch prevented the parching of the garden.
  • Cut down Rhubarb flowers.
  • Reseed the herb pots on the deck.
  • Weeding, up close with the steel finger nail and the plots with the hoe (are we still allowed to say "hoe"?). This is a steady maint item but was high in the TTD queue.
  • Buy a replacement for the dead plum tomato plant, got a gold pear plum tomato, cool.
  • Buy a fancy sweet gold cherry tomato plant for the Topsey Turvey.
  • Transplant the Cherry Tomato into the Topsey Turvey and hanging the planter.
  • Weed whacking the weeds grown up in the paths. Amazing growth in just two weeks.
  • Harvesting Radishes, Asparagus and Rhubarb.

Raining lightly out now so catching up on the blogging. The remaining identified tasks are:

  • Hedge trimming, the garden is up close to the property line.
  • Bag garden waste and get it out.
  • Weed & Thin again.
  • Mulch
  • Fence in Zukes.

So far this year pretty much everything is working, a good sigh. The pole beans have sprouted in just 6 days.

The above ground portion of the Fig tree died again over this last winter. Where is my global warming? The Fig tree is now showing fresh spouts at the roots of the dead tree.