2015 Update 2, the Trays are Ready!

the starter trays in the window, snowing outside
the starter trays in the window, snowing outside

Great success with germinating seeds in filter paper and transplanting the sprouted seeds to starter trays. In some cases there was nearly 100% germination. Most of the seed packs were a year or more older. It is a bit tedious transplanting the sprouted seeds with tweezers tho. In previous years I would start many trays to get the plants I needed for the garden.

Well, it took 14 days, but, my favorite pepper the Corno Rosso (4) have germinated and I have put them in the starter tray. Started more eggplants (2a). Started more bell peppers (7a). In only 8 days I got germinations for my other favorite pepper, the Hungarian Hot Pepper (9a), started a bunch of these. Only about half the Sweet Bannana pepper (8) seeds germinated, they are in the trays now.

In a previous post I credited this method to Mel Bartholomew in his Square Foot Gardening book. In today's planting I varied the procedure and planted in a tray of Miracle-Gro Potting Mix instead of vermiculite.

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