2015 Succession Planting

Succession planting, the replacing of a spring crop by an autumn crop has started. The Cucumbers which failed after early success and the second planting of snap peas have been replaced with Kohlrabi. This if my first time for Kohlrabi, the flavor is said to be mild, sweet, turnip-like. I have also planted a third crop of snap peas where an early zucchini planting was, a sunny spot but a bit late.

Cabbage Update II. The plants are doing well, it seems that in spite of the tunnels some cabbage moths have gotten a chance to lay eggs to produce caterpillars, can't find them tho. The moths maybe got to them while they were in the starter trays that were sitting out for hardening.

I have started a third planting of Cilantro and Basil in pots on the deck. Next year also Oregano and Lemon Thyme.

First Butternut Squash and first late Summer Raspberries
First Butternut Squash and first late Summer Raspberries

I have started picking late summer Raspberries. Winter Squash soon. Shall I challenge Fran to cook a butternut squash / Raspberry pie?


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