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Conde Olivar Gourmet is a brand committed to the quality of their Extra Virgin Olive Oils, but also to design and image. Our brand strives to become a reference in innovation and development of an elegant top quality product.

The bottle is therefore paramount to us. EVOO itself is a product of outstanding quality, since ancient times it has been called liquid gold. We have wanted to house our EVOO in a black and gold bottle: black because it is synonymous with elegance but especially because it protects our oil from light, thus retaining its qualities intact longer and gold because it mirrors the product inside. ...continue reading


Still harvesting radishes.  I didn't plant many, it is easy to have too many radishes.  They're fun to grow, they grow so fast and the harvest continues while planting and transplanting the rest of the garden. We eat them in our salads and give them away. My Mother in-law and the neighbor lady with whom I talk gardening with's husband likes them too.  They are planted where the snow peas will shade them soon, so the space gets used twice. ...continue reading


1st Harvest this year, Radishes. Transplanted Bell, Hungarian, Corno Rosso, Banana and Anaheim peppers. Also transplanted cabbage, cauliflower, eggplants, cucumbers and cantaloupes. Next I will transplant the fennel, thin the beets and plant the edamame, pole beans and winter squash. The squash may be a bit early, but with the growing season getting shorter here at the dawn of a new Ice Age have to start early. This last bit of planting will complete the spring planting. ...continue reading