Monthly Archives: July 2013


The Bunnies got my Zuccs. The bunny proof fence got damaged while doing some work and the bunnies have been eating the Zucc flowers, hence, no Zuccs. Didn't realize at first why no zuccs, but I am fixing the problem. The zuccs will recover, what a drag tho.

Harvested another cauli along w/ several cuccs and a hand full of peas. Fran cooked up a bush squash we picked the other nite, great.

Had to water the garden in this heat wave we are having here in the North East.


Picked first Cauli. Picked zuccs, cuccs and peas.  Tomatoes, beans, and edamame (soy beans) should be soon.  Fran is cooking this all up, w/ bbq salmon, boy are we eating fresh and healthy.

I pruned the fig tree today. Should I say I "dry plumed" since it is not PC anymore to say "Prune"?  I read somewhere that the last bit of new growth should be removed mid July so that the tree's resources go to fruit.  I quite like the fig tree, I have nearly killed it several times and it flourishes anyway.

I have put off posting because trying to add pics.  The several extra steps are just enough to cause me to postpone.  So, I will either at pics or have occasional pic rich posts.


Cauli soon, peas, cuccs, zuccs, cherry tomatoes now.  Fennel is fine, sprouted early, will thin soon. The bs toms, beans, edamame (aka soybean) and watermelons are doing fine.

I haven't found the easy way to get the pics from the phone to the page, but here is an updated TopseyTurvey with cherry tomatoes.

Topsey Turvey with Cherry Tomatos

Looking toward the deck:

Looking from a far corner toward the deck

Looking from the side:

From the Fig tree toward the deck