Monthly Archives: June 2013

Ok, here are some Garden pics.  They were taken w/ a Samsung Galaxy 4s and reduced  jpegs to email.

The first are the new this year garden paths.  Previously the paths were salvaged skids, free, but issues.  Now pavers.  This first one is reduced 90%.

The new paved Garden Paths

This year we have a TopseyTurvey hanging over the deck railing with gold cherry tomatos.

Topsey Turvey with Pomo d'Oro Cherry Tomatos

Only minutes from Fran's Victory Garden to the fridge. Fran and I went out to inspect the crops. We picked snow peas and a cabbage. It is distressing how many layers of leaves have to be removed before the cabbage is ready for shredding. Fran also cooked up some of the beets. Love beets.

Today I plant fennel. I have got to get pics.

I was picking snowpeas this morning while the coffee was brewing.  Have to pick them everyday.  Finally got the fennel in yesterday, planted some basil at the same time.

Pavers for the paths were delivered Sunday Morning, don't people go to church anymore?

I will get a smart phone this wkend.  Pics soon.

Today I'll harvest the rest of the beets, good year.  Picking snow peas, cherry tomatoes from the Topsy Turvy on the deck, lettuce, cabbage, and an occasional raspberry from this years planting.

After I clean up the beet "field" I will plant Florence Fennel.  Fran and I are just discovering fennel. The seed pack says it gets 3 feet, and to plant a foot apart.  I am excited!

I promise pics.