1st Harvest this Year

1st Harvest this year, Radishes. Transplanted Bell, Hungarian, Corno Rosso, Banana and Anaheim peppers. Also transplanted cabbage, cauliflower, eggplants, cucumbers and cantaloupes. Next I will transplant the fennel, thin the beets and plant the edamame, pole beans and winter squash. The squash may be a bit early, but with the growing season getting shorter here at the dawn of a new Ice Age have to start early. This last bit of planting will complete the spring planting.

The garden may be 50% larger than last year but by adding perennials the acreage available for the annuals has shrunk. The reduced space has caused me to make some compromises, only eight peppers instead of ten, squeezed the space for the cantaloupes, crowded the cucumbers and pole beans. Not truly happy with the results.

While the layout has been finalized, and the hardscape pavers have been placed where they go, they have to be relaid to level and tightened up.  That will be muscle building.

Projects for later in the season are evaluating the available web based garden planning software and getting a webcam or should I say GardenCam. Sharing the garden with the gardencam and the plans should be fun. The offline garden planning software may be more sophisticated but I want to share the garden and to be able to access the planning software from anywhere.

The next big project is moving the website to another server, not truly gardening but it is moving a garden website.  When the website is moved I will be adding a directory of gardening resources.

I've bought some Victory Garden posters to brighten up my basement office. Here is what I bought:

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